About Dreaming of Small Worlds…

This is a bi-weekly blog where I highlight a small world it our solar system. These won’t be planets but one the millions of other objects that are not as popularly known.

I start with a new ink painting of the object. I follow this image with some real information I recently learned about the object. (Often studied from NASA’s website). Then I write a narrative of what could possibly happen on these little worlds using the facts that I learned and then dreaming about them as I paint and write.

This project begins with the worlds that orbit the sun in the Main Asteroid Belt between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

About Me…

I live in Minneapolis, on the first floor of a high-rise brutalist apartment building with my son, Themis. It was built in 1972 which is the same year I was built in. Our place is about 1 city block from the Mississippi river so wild life comes into our front yard frequently. Especially turkeys.

I am recovering from the treatments of multiple brain tumors that resulted in two brain surgeries in the past year. Luckily I can still paint and write.

Many of the stories on this site are as much about learning to live a different life as much as they are about the science fiction they contain.