Ceres but Dreaming

About Ceres- Ceres was the asteroid to be discovered by human astronomers. It was in 1801 and was instantly tagged as a planet. It wasn’t until later, when many more objects were found in its orbit, were the terms “asteroid” and “minor planet” coined. This asteroid is notable for its bright spots that appear on… Continue reading Ceres but Dreaming

Prisoner on Dactyl

About Dactyl- Dactyl is the first natural satellite to be discovered orbiting an asteroid. At its largest, it measures just shy of one mile in diameter. ☾ Dream… Prisoner on Dactyl After being physically removed from office I was roughed up and beaten and bound. In the darkness caused by duct tape covering my eyes,… Continue reading Prisoner on Dactyl

Pull of Ida

About 243 Ida- 243 Ida is the 243rd asteroid to be found and the first asteroid to be found with its own moon. Ida was discovered in 1884 but the presence of its tiny moon, Dactyl, wasn’t detected until 1994 when NASA scientists spotted it in a photograph taken by the Galileo spacecraft. Ida is… Continue reading Pull of Ida